Michael Wesely

These are images taken by the German photographer Michael Wesely. I’ve always been fascinated by long exposure photography, I think the ghostly effects they create are stunning. Wesely takes this technique to an epic level, he has taken photographs with such a long exposure (up to 3 years!!) he has managed to capture the solar trails of the sun. In the first image you can see the beautiful effect this creates, as he said himself “the lines in the sky put our existence, us, our planet into context” and it really does, theres is something really fascinating, and eerie about seeing this, like the same kind of feeling you get when you look at stars or planets in space. You get the reality check that our planet is a very small object within the universe. Wesely has also captured images of buildings being constructed and flowers wilting, he was commissioned by the MOMA to record its construction, the effect he got from this is amazing (middle image).

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